Proper Operation and maintenance of your water treatment system are critical for maximum return on your equipment investment.

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Eratreat Engineering offers you peace of mind with maintenance and operating programs designed to keep your system operating efficiently, while also managing your budget and manpower.

Maintenance and Operating Services help customers get the most value from their water treatment equipment investment.  Our experienced field service technicians are ready to schedule service and repairs when and where you need them.

Customers who rely on Eratreat Engineering to maintain and operate their water treatment systems realize these benefits:

  • Extended equipment life
  • Efficient operation
  • Expert evaluation and troubleshooting before a problem occurs
  • Minimized downtime
  • Improved direct manpower usage 

The experienced engineering team in Eratreat is able to design and fabricate control panel and site wiring for various system controls such as water treatment system and production process control system.

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Eratreat Engineering‘s scope of work is not limited to system supply and installation, the service team and technical specialists are dedicated to offer our clients a variety of value added services. From wastewater characteristics study to spare parts supply, our service team focuses on customer problems and find effective solutions so that every customer is satisfied every time. It is our dedication to customer service that sets us apart from our competitors.


  • Waste Water Characteristic Study (WWCS)
  • Schedule Service & Maintenance
  • D.O.E. Application
  • System trouble-shooting
  • Jar tests / treatability studies

Portable mixed bed DI column is a convenient, safe and economical means to produce high-purity deionised water. Portable DI column units require no system installation, no chemical handling, and no maintenance.

Portable mixed bed DI column eliminate on-site chemical storage and handling. Unlike permanent-bed deionizers, Service Deionization (SDI) does not require system installation, chemical handling, waste neutralization or maintenance by you.

When resins in the tanks exhaust, our service representatives will replace the exhausted column with freshly regenerated columns – so you have a constant supply of high-purity water without chemicals brought into your facility.

Portable mixed bed DI column can be used to meet high purity water requirements in laboratories, microelectronics and general industrial applications.

Our factory-trained service technicians deliver tanks, install and maintain the equipment. Freshly regenerated tanks are quality tested to meet rigid quality control standards

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